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Cookie Policy

Progressive Markets utilizes cookies for tracking visitors and gather information regarding pages that are generating more traffic than other pages. Determining which pages are getting more visitors, gain more subscribers, and discovering latest trends & opportunities are significant aspects of research and analysis of our website. Collection of users’ information and data help us in understanding requirements, interests, and behavioral pattern of users and take necessary steps to serve them better by offering detailed and relevant information about our products and offerings. We ensure that this information will be used by Progressive Markets only.


Cookies are small files containing information on browsing patterns of users sent by the browser to user’s computer while browsing. This offers a page customized to a particular user by observing their browsing habits. Our website provides authority to users to accept cookies through notification and then a user can decide whether to accept cookies or not.

Our site utilizes cookies for the following purposes:

·         Management of sessions

·         Personalization

·         Tracking of browsing habits

·         Targeting specific users

·         Research and Development

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