Q. What are different modes available to make the payment?

A. Following are the modes available to make the payment:

·         Bank Wire Transfer

·         Online Payment via Credit Card (Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Cards)

·         PayPal


Q. How to differentiate between single user, multi user, and corporate user license?

A. the differentiation is based upon the distribution of a report copy. When a report copy is distributed to a single user, a buyer can avail a single user license. If a copy is distributed among maximum five users, it is a multi-user copy. On the other hand, corporate license refers to the distribution of a report copy within an organization.

Q. What are the different forms of the report?

A. Progressive Market Research provides report in following formats:

·         PDF

·         Word Document

·         PPT (Depends on the nature and content of the report)

In addition, we also offer excel file containing sources of data and information used for preparing a research report for convenience of buyers.

Q. Does PMR offer any discounts on their reports?

A. Yes, PMR offers different types of discounts on purchase of the report. Buyers will get 5% discount on the payment through bank wire transfer. Besides, PMR offers attractive discounts from time to time.

Kindly refer Discounts & Offers section on our website for more information.

Q. Can I purchase particular sections of the report? If yes, how?

A. Yes, you have an option in which you can purchase particular sections you are interested in. Kindly get in touch with our sales representatives with your request and they will provide all the guidance.

Q. How will I receive the receipt if I purchase a report online?

A. the receipt will be sent to you through email once you complete the process of purchase.

Q. What will be the duration within which I will receive the print copy of a report?

A. The print copy of the report will be delivered to you via courier within next five to seven working days of the purchase date.

Q. If I purchase a report online, in which way will I receive the report?

A. The report will be delivered to you through an email in next 2-12 hours of the receipt of payment.

Q. What is the research methodology used to prepare your industry reports?

A. Kindly Refer Progressive Market Research’s Research Methodology section.

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