Double Benzyl Toluene (DBT) Market - Global Strategic Industry Report

Double Benzyl Toluene (DBT) Market

- Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis, and Forecast, 2014-2022

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  • Date February 2018
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Double Benzyl Toluene (DBT) Market - Overall Industry Analysis

Progressive Markets published a report, Double Benzyl Toluene (DBT) Market - Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis & Forecast, 2014-2022, which says that the market was valued at around 45.2 million USD in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 2.5% in the coming years to reach about 51.8 million USD in 2022.

A triploid compound, double benzyl toluene (DBT) is formed by the addition reaction of toluene and has a methyl group added to the benzene ring. It is popularly used as a high-temperature heat transfer medium. Double benzyl toluene is characterized by low viscosity, low vapor pressure (other synthetic oil), low-temperature fluidity, high boiling point, low freezing point, non-toxicity, high thermal stability, good insulation and others. This liquid medium is noncorrosive to conventional metals and alloys. An equipment can function well for a long time even at high temperatures with no adverse effects on the operator. DBT is used as a heat exchanger, insulating oil, plastic additive, and photoconductor material. As a heat exchanger, DBT can be used in industries such as petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic, rubber, paper and textile, aerospace, and others. As an insulating oil, the liquid is widely used in the power industry.

Double Benzyl Toluene Market Opportunities and Challenges:

The double benzyl toluene market report assesses the key opportunities and challenges of the industry that affects its growth. With an improvement in research and development strategies as well as cost reduction of DBT, the market is expected to grow and increase its market share. The high thermal stability of DBT offers superior performance advantages in many end-use applications, thus increasing the consumption of double benzyl toluene. With the production capacity transfer to China from the developed economies due to cheaper production cost, foreign companies raised their purchase share in the nation. Nonetheless, there are significant technological barriers in the production of high-quality DBT, and only some manufacturers globally can mass produce affordable high-quality DBT. There are several small-scale DBT manufacturers in China who only depend on low-quality and low-cost products to impact the industry. Moreover, the development of DBT industry may be affected by several factors such as stringent government regulations, elevating product qualities, price fluctuations, and trade protections.

Key Market Players:

The report explores the major players in the double benzyl toluene market in detail. In this section, the report presents the company profiles, product information, capacity production value, and their contact details. The key players included in the study are Arkema (France), Sasol (South Africa), BP (UK), Panjin Liaohe-Soken (China), Yantai Jinzheng (China), Shanghai Jiuxing (China), CSIC (China), and Xinji Xinneng (China).

Key Benefits from the Report:

  • The report presents an overall analysis of the double benzyl toluene market, incorporating the market size, market share analysis, seven analyses, economic impact, market dynamics including opportunities and challenges, market forecast, and company profiles.
  • The report is a useful tool for market players, investors, and new entrants to gain valuable insights on the market and make wise decisions for achieving success.
  • The charts, statistics, and graphs add further clarity to the data in the report.
  • The market size explains the volume of the overall market, thus helping in making sound business decisions.
  • The seven analyses constitute the industry chain structure, raw materials, and downstream industry.
  • The market share analysis tells about how the players are performing in the industry as compared to their competitors.
  • The market dynamics which incorporates the market opportunities and challenges explains the causes for the rise and fall of the double benzyl toluene market.
  • The report also includes details about the major players providing solutions in the double benzyl toluene market. They adopt key strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, launches, partnerships, and more to survive and grow in the market.

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