Perfluoro Hexanoyl Fluoride Market - Global Strategic Industry Report

Perfluoro Hexanoyl Fluoride Market

- Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis, and Forecast, 2014-2022

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  • Date February 2018
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Perfluoro Hexanoyl Fluoride Industry - Overall Industry Analysis

Progressive Markets published a report, “Perfluoro Hexanoyl Fluoride Industry - Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis & Forecast, 2016-2022”, which says that the market was valued at around 42.2K USD in 2016 and is anticipated to have a decline with a CAGR of around -5.8% in the years to come to reach about 34.9K USD in 2022.

A perfluorinated compound (PFC) is an organofluorine compound containing only carbon fluorine bonds, C-C bonds, and other heteroatoms (without C-H bonds). Such compounds are fluorocarbon derivatives, as they are closely structurally related to fluorocarbons. Formally containing only carbon and fluorine, fluorocarbons are sometimes called perfluorocarbons and can exist in the form of gases, liquids, and waxes, or solids. Perfluoro Hexanoyl Fluoride is a PFC with formula C6F12O. It is usually corrosive and can react with water. It finds application in industries as an electronic cleaner.

Drivers and Restraints:

The report provides an analysis of the drivers and restraints affecting the growth of the perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride industry. The shift of the foreign fluorinated chemical production base to China will facilitate the introduction of foreign capital and technology for Chinese manufacturers of the perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride. China is the largest fluorspar producer in the world and this is advantageous for its fluorochemical industry of the nation. Nonetheless, there are several technological barriers in the mass production of high-quality perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride. The market demand is low and usually it is custom production. Moreover, as an electronic cleaner, this product does not have a competitive advantage as there are several cheaper alternatives available in the market. Due to the increasing health problems due to PFCs exposure in the environment, the government may take voluntary actions to reduce the production and use of PFCs including perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride. Fluctuation of the US dollar and other currencies may influence the competitiveness of the domestic companies. Also, strengthening government regulations, elevating product qualities, price fluctuations, and trade protections may affect the growth of the industry.

Perfluoro Hexanoyl Fluoride Market Key Segmentation:

The report provides a detailed segmentation of the perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride industry. It is divided into application and geography. Based on application, the market is divided into electron industry and others. Geographically, the perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride industry analysis covers the regions such as China and the other parts of the world.


  • Electron Industry
  • Others


  • China
  • Rest of the World

Key Players:

The report also includes a mention of the emerging players that adopt various strategies to survive and grow in the perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride industry. They include Hunan Heaven, Time Chemical, Exfluor (USA), and Fluoro Pharm (China). Along with the company profiles, the report also provides information about their products, capacity production and value, and contacts.

Key Benefits from the Report:
  • The perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride market analysis report is an in-depth study of the overall market. It covers the market size, market share analysis, market drivers and restraints, seven analysis industry chain, market forecast, import and export, and company profiles.
  • The study is a result of an extensive primary and secondary research along with opinions from industry experts.
  • The industry statistics and graphs add credibility to the information in the study.
  • The report is a valuable tool for market players, new entrants, shareholders, and investors as it helps them gain market insights to achieve their industry goals and gain a competitive advantage.
  • The market trends included in the report is based on the present and past industry trends.
  • The market drivers and restraints affect the rise and fall of the perfluoro hexanoyl fluoride industry.
  • The market size explains the overall potential of the market and thus helps in informed decision making.
  • The market share analysis helps determine how the market is performing as compared to their competitors.
  • The report also covers valuable information about the key players in the market, thereby enabling customers gain an understanding about their competition and plan their business ventures accordingly.

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