Global Smart Transportation Market by Solution Type ( Ticketing, Parking Management, Passenger Information, Traffic Management) 2017-2027

Global Smart Transportation Market by Solution Type ( Ticketing, Parking Management, Passenger Information, Traffic Management) 2017-2027

Transportation is key for market to grow and if it is made smart than it would be like cherry on the cake. This has led to rise in CAGR by 18% of the smart transportation market as indicated by a report recently published by Progressive Markets, titled, Global Smart Transportation Market- Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis & Forecast, 2014-2025.

Several manufacturers want to harbor the rise in demand of the smart transportation market and thus they adopt the strategy of collaboration with other giants. Recently, D-link has signed a strategic business partnership with MOXA. The former one is Dubai based networking vendor and latter one is based in Taiwan. They both have joined hands with an aim to supply the channel with industrial networking equipment. According to the Sakkeer Hussain, the director of D- link, the partnership between the two companies would strengthen them. In addition, it would deepen their product portfolio. This would lead to enhancement of specialized niche markets for wide range of parameters, such as factory automation, smart grid, smart rail, intelligent transportation, marine & mining, and oil & gas.

The director of D-link has also stated that even as the vendor that has operated in for twenty years and it continues to be committed to reinforce its product its alliance partners that share same ethos. According to him the collaboration would benefit both company channel partners and their end user customers. He has confirmed that with rise in internet of things and smart cities, there would be increase in opportunities that will open up in the industrial domain. Each supplier of the smart transportation market aims to mark its presence across the globe and therefore, they adopt investment/ partnership policy. Recently, a Chinese company by the name Didi Chuxing, which was earlier pushed out of the Uber, has now formed alliance with Taxify, a leading ridesharing company across Asia and Europe. Didi has generally expanded itself based on investments and alliance it formed with the local ride- sharing firms.

Didi has the history of carefully evaluating a target market and partners up with the local competitor as it makes substantial investments in it. Though, it was earlier was pushed out of Uber but now with its smart strategies it has turned out to be the biggest competitor of Uber in the Asia region. The partnership between Didi and Toxify includes an undisclosed investment by the former one into later. Although this alliance offers upper hand to Didi but latters co-founders remain majority of the stake holders in the company. The collaboration would also act as a gateway to the Europe by Didi. After the two companies formed alliance, the founder and CEO of Didi Mr. Will Cheig Wei, stated that Taxify offers innovative, high quality services across many diverse industries. According to him, the partnership would contribute towards cross regional smart transportation linkages between Asia, Europe, and Africa markets.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to draw conclusion that with assistance of smart strategies, such as investments and collaborations open new possibilities for the global smart transportation market.

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