Recent Developments and Collaborations Boost Global Cyber Weapon Market

Recent Developments and Collaborations Boost Global Cyber Weapon Market

As the world witnesses advancement in the information and technology, it also observes growth in cybercrimes. It is due to this factor numerous countries have adopted a strategy, where they attack cyber security of enemy country. A report published by Progressive Markets outlines same trends, titled, Global Cyber Weapon Market- Size, Trend, Share, and Opportunity Analysis & Forecast, 2014-2025.

In the era, where war is fought through cyberspace there is increase in demand of the firms that can prevent cyberattacks. Therefore, many big market players adopt strategies, such as collaborations. This helps them to get access of domains with the best services. Recently, BAE System, an U.K. based company has collaborated with Leonardo, an Italy based firm. They have merged together and have announced to offer guided solutions to the U.S. and allied military forces. The gun would range from low risk, cost effective, and advanced munition to large caliber weapons. The companies anticipate that offers of Vulcano by Leonardo which is a family of gun have launched munitions. These would exceed performance of precision guided projectiles that are available at present.

Mr. Joe Senftle, Vice President and General Manager of Weapon System at BAE System, stated that its firm is a leading global provider and integrator of all major caliber weapon systems. Thus, it is expertly positioned to integrate mission-driven, affordable, and advanced munitions like Vulcano into naval and land gun systems. In addition, a new adaption of Vulcano would concentrate on offering land based 155 mm artillery systems, such as M777 and M109 howitzers for the U.S. military and allies around the world. It was found in testing that the 15 mm Vulcano attained launch accelerations that aid maximum engagement ranges. The ranges are similar to distances required by the former Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) program. These measures are taken up so that both firms could provide assistance to the U.S. and its allied defense forces to prevent threats in sea, land, and air.

The giants of the cyber weapons seem to have spending a lot on research and development so that they could keep an edge in respect to their contemporaries. Thus, of late, General Dynamics Mission Systems has launched the new HOOK3 Combat Survival Radio (CSR). The radio would provide direct light of sight voice and encrypted two way data communication. This would help for combat search and rescue teams that could accurately and quickly locate and rescue isolated and downed pilots and military personnel. The Hook 3 is designed to by using feedback from military personnel who depend upon a survival radio in emergency situations.

It would be appropriate to conclude that owing to research & development and collaborations among the leading manufacturers would propel growth of the cyber weapon across the globe.

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