Global Thermal Energy Storage Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.2% from 2017 to 2025

Global Thermal Energy Storage Market Would grow at a CAGR of 17.2% from 2017 to 2025

Thermal Energy Storage Market - Size, Trend, Share, Opportunity Analysis, and Forecast, 2014-2025. As per the report, the global thermal energy storage market is expected to register a CAGR of 17.2% from 2017 to 2025. The study offers a detailed analysis of changing market trends, leading market players, detailed segmentation, and competitive landscape for the historic period, 2014-2016 and the forecast period, 2017-2025. Moreover, insights on market size in the past and projections for the future, Porters Five Forces model, market share analysis, and geographical analysis assist in determining plans and strategies to strengthen their position in the industry. The report is a helpful source of insights for new entrants, leading market players, VPs, stakeholders, and investors to gain thorough understanding of the market and highlight recent developments.

The report discusses key findings of the global thermal energy storage market to help market players, stakeholders, management executives, and investors save their time and gain understanding of the industry through an executive summary. Furthermore, current trends and market attractiveness are outlined in the research to highlight the current market status. Competitive landscape is highlighted in the research along with current developments in the global market.

These insights offer an overview of the global market to help market players determine current market scenario. Definitions of market terminology and scope of the research are outlined in the research along with a brief introduction. Research methodology opted by analysts is outlined in the study to highlight sources of data and information. Furthermore, inputs from industry experts, online surveys, and vendor briefing are offered in the primary research. Reference of reports, company journals, webinars, publications, and podcasts are taken to conduct secondary research. Insights on research methodology are offered to help market players and investors determine sources of information, references of data, and statistics provided in the research.

The report offers an extensive analysis of drivers and challenges of the global thermal energy storage market. Wide and ever-expanding application areas and usage of adhesive tapes as surgical tapes has resulted in the growth in the demand from the healthcare industry, which in turn, would drive growth in the market. Fluctuating market prices is a major factor restring the growth in the industry. The impact of aforementioned factors is outlined in the study to help market players take necessary steps to achieve growth by capitalizing on driving factors.

Porters Five Forces model is provided in the study to offer insights on competitive intensity and business strategy development. Parameters discussed in the model are bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitutes, industrial rivalry, and threat of new entrants. Moreover, market size for the historic period and market share estimations for the forecast period for each segment are offered in the study with the help of tabular format.

The report offers insights on segmentation of the global thermal energy storage market based on type, technology, end use, and geography. The report offers extensive analysis of types including heat storage and solar storage. Technology segment is classified into sensible heat, latent heat, and thermochemical. Commercial & industrial, utilities, and residential are end uses analyzed in the research. Geographic analysis is offered in the research for regions including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. The report offers insights on revenue generated by each segment for the historic period as well as the forecast period with the help of tables and figures. These insights assist in determining strategies to be adopted to achieve growth based on dominating segments.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of key manufacturers operating in the global thermal energy storage industry. Business segments and financial statements of each market player are outlined in the study. A brief introduction and recent developments are highlighted in the study to help other market players and investor gain an overview of the industry. Key manufacturers operating in the industry are Abengoa Solar, Evapco, Inc., BrightSource Energy, Inc., Baltimore Aircoil Company, Calmac, Caldwell Energy, Cristopia Energy Systems, FAFCO Thermal Storage Systems, Goss Engineering, Inc., and DC Pro Engineering LLC. Moreover, investors and other players can determine market competition and understand internal affairs of a company to determine growth rate in the industry.

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