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The market research services provided by Progressive Market Research (PMR) are restricted to publications, which may also include insignificant market data. The services are for the internal use of customers only and they do not have any rights to utilize this data for general publications or/and disclosure to third parties. As data is gathered through research activities such as online surveys and interviews of industry experts, it may have variations and fluctuation due to constantly changing market conditions. Thus, Progressive Market Research holds no responsibility of misleading or false information gathered from these sources.

Progressive Market Research understands and respects the privacy of personal and official information provided by clients and is committed to keep their information secure and safe. However, we may share the information with applicable authorities if the need arises, and prior intimation and explicit permission will be taken from the concerned source.

No part of our market research services should be copied, stored, reprinted, or communicated in any form through any means such as recording, mechanical, electronic, and others, without the prior written permission of Progressive Market Research.

Policy Changes:

Progressive Market Research holds all the rights of updating policy statement, whenever necessary, by publishing a revised version on our website. Kindly refer to this page frequently to know policy amendments, if any.


Progressive Market Research is committed to provide accurate and relevant information. However, we do not offer any warranties, undertakings, and representation about the uniqueness of content on our website. PMR holds no responsibility for any loss or damages done due to usage of information posted on our website. You are advised to check the authenticity of the content and data before using it.

Our website may contain links of third party websites, for which, PMR holds no responsibility and has no control over content on their websites. These links are for general purpose and we do not endorse any kind of material or association with their owners.

Copyright Notice:

The contents on our website are copyright protected. © Progressive Market Research. All rights reserved.

Printing and downloading extracts should be done for personal user only. You have no rights to utilize our information and other materials or store it in other form for any other purposes other than viewing and personal use.

Our publications and services are available for resale, transmission, lending, reproduction, or disclosure with the prior written permission of PMR.

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