Terms & Conditions

1. License Terms & Conditions

The license terms and conditions stated helps in providing ease in use of products and services offered by Progressive Market Research (PMR) in any form and applicable for all orders. You acknowledge that by placing order(s), you, on your own or on behalf of an organization, agrees to the license terms and conditions. The terms will be applicable after the acceptance of research reports and services or consulting assignments by PMR and its authorized distributors or resellers.


2. Ownership

All copyrights, patents, utility models, proprietary information rights, trade-marks, service marks, database rights, design rights (whether registered or unregistered), are part of “Intellectual Property”, which is a sole property of Progressive Market Research. Users are advised that they should not obtain any Intellectual Property Rights in relation to products and its usage, except for the license granted by PMR.

You are liable to compensate PMR for infringement of Intellectual Property Rights mentioned under License terms and conditions. You also acknowledge that PMR or its licensors holds the rights to begin any proceedings as a result of infringement or any sort of claim related. You should comply with such proceedings and acknowledge that any recovery in accordance to such proceedings shall be accumulated solely for the benefit for PMR. 

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